HSL Dorado Project
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Link to Archived Information regarding the original hotel project.
HSL Properties, owner of the golf course within
Dorado Country Club Estates, announced in December
2015 that they were dropping the plans to construct a
new hotel on the property. Instead, the existing
clubhouse will be demolished and replaced by a new,
more functional and modern clubhouse. The new
clubhouse will have an open and covered patio, office,
equipment sales area and a cart storage under the
upper level.  The preliminary drawings show a very
attractive building that will be appealing to golfers and
Dorado residents as well.  While the old clubhouse is
being demolished, they will operate temporary facilities
for the golf course operation near the West Entrance
to Dorado near Speedway. Demolition of the old
clubhouse is expected to begin around March 28,
2016. They expect the construction of the new
clubhouse to be completed in about 4 to 6 months.
Progress photos
March 10, 2016