History Of Dorado Country Club Estates
In the mid 1930’s Tucson was a small town,
population of around 32,000. The eastern most
boundary was Craycroft Road. Anything east of
that contained ranches and isolated estates.  
One such estate was the home of Harold Bell
Wright, the famous author who established his
large domain at what is now the southeast
quadrant of Speedway and Wilmot.  
In 1934 Miss Florence L. Pond, daughter of a
distinguished lawyer in Detroit became
enthralled with what Wright had built and
desired a similar estate. She chose to build
her mansion across from Wright’s property.
Construction on the large home was
completed in 1936 and she named it Stone
Ashley. The estate consisted of 318 acres that
extended approximately one mile east on
Speedway and a half mile north along Wilmot.
Nearly 20 acres of carefully landscaped
grounds surrounded the 17 room residence,
the rest was natural desert.
In this 1946 photo of Stone Ashley, the
desert above the mansion is the present-day
Dorado Country Club Estates.  Speedway
can be seen to the far right and Wilmot
Road was nothing but a dirt path that led to
the cypress -lined entrance to the mansion.
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