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Dave O'Hern
Lora McCormick
Vice President
Jan Sleeper
Pam Stuart
Sara Grimm
Barbara Matteson
Tom Nordstrum
The Board of Director's monthly meetings
are typically determined on a
month-by-month basis due to the various  
scheduling issues that may arise among the
Board Members. Homeowners who wish to
attend may obtain dates, times and location
for any scheduled meeting by e-mailing or
contacting the Secretary or any other Board
Member. Any Homeowner may attend these
regularly scheduled meetings.
  Village A Management

Village A is a self-governing HOA
Community; the Governing Board consists
of seven Homeowner Volunteers elected
by the Community.

At the Annual Meeting the Community's
ballots are tallied to determine the next
Board from those Homeowners who have
volunteered for the election. After these
Directors have been elected, they'll choose
the position each Director will hold. The
Annual Meetings are normally held on the
first Sunday of November.
Board Members